Afghanistan / Pakistan

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bombing Hospitals All in a Day's Work - Phyllis Bennis, Common Dreams

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rise by 22 per cent in 2014 - United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Skulking Away from a Failed War - Robert C. Koehler, Common Dreams

Afghanistan to cost more than Marshall Plan, watchdog says - Stars and Stripes

America is tired of Afghanistan War: Peace Action's View - Paul Kawika Martin, USA Today

Harry Reid calls for reexamination of post-9/11 Authorization of Use of Military Force - Daily Kos

U.S. examines Afghanistan option that would leave behind 3,000 troops - Washington Post

Only 28 percent of Americans say Afghanistan war has been worth fighting - Washington Post

Afghan children on a long and perilous journey - 60 Minutes

Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley And Sherrod Brown Urge Obama To End Afghanistan War - Huffington Post

U.S. Weighs Fewer Troops After 2014 in Afghanistan - NY Times

Panetta: Obama weighing US presence in Afghanistan - AP

Time Slipping, U.S. Ponders Afghan Role After 2014 - NY Times

Time to pack up and leave Afghanistan - NY Times

Afghan War Strategy Continues to Falter As Surge Ends - FCNL

Victims of secretive drone strikes gain voice in Pakistani lawyer - The Rachel Maddow Show

Afghan government, Taliban meet for rare high-level peace talks - The Globe and Mail

Most Swing Voters Favor Afghan Troop Withdrawal - Pew Research Center

Time to let Karzai kick us out of Afghanistan -  Lawrence Korb, Politico

U.S. Officials Debate Speeding Afghan Pullout - NY Times

It’s Time to Cut Our Losses in Afghanistan - Cato@Liberty

In Afghan War, Officer Becomes a Whistle-Blower - NY Times

Noam Chomsky: The U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement is ‘part of a global program of world militarization' - Waging Non-Violence

Sens. Merkley, Paul and Udall: Let’s Not Linger in Afghanistan - NY Times

President Obama’s disappointing war plan - Peace Action West

Cost of Wars a Rising Issue as Obama Weighs Troop Levels - NY Times

Democratic senators press Obama on Afghanistan pullout - The Hill

Overcoming Strategic Myths in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Cutting Troops 80-90% - Cato Institute

U.S. speeds up direct talks with Taliban - Washington Post

After Bin Laden, U.S. Reassesses Afghan Strategy - New York Times

With bin Laden’s death, U.S. sees a chance to hasten the end of the Afghan war - Washington Post

Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say Afghan war isn’t worth fighting - Washington Post

DNC Pressures Obama, Passes Resolution Endorsing Swift End To Afghanistan War - Huffington Post

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators - Rolling Stone

A bipartisan solution in Afghanistan: Get out - Washington Post

Norquist Decries Lack Of Conservative Debate On Afghanistan  - Huffington Post

Let's get budget priorities straight and end the war - San Francisco Bay Guardian


Afghans Overwhelmingly Want US Troops Out - Truthout

Al-Qaida and Taliban threat is exaggerated, says security think tank - Guardian UK

There to stay - Air base expansion plans reflect long-term investment in Afghanistan - Washington Post

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GAO report casts new doubt on Afghanistan policy - Miami Herald

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94% of Kandaharis Want Peace Talks, Not War - Truthout

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Departing U.N. Envoy Urges Political Solution in Afghanistan - NY Times

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$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan - The Hill

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3/27/09: Obama's Afghanistan proposal under fire - Politico

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