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Syria-Iraq-Islamic State

Oct 1, 2015

Why Won't Anyone Stop The War In Syria? Aljazeera ...

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Military Spending

Sep 25, 2015

Seventeen years and $2.7 billion in, Pentagon's high-tech blimps fail to deliver on promise - Baltimore Sun ...

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Nuclear Weapons

Sep 23, 2015

Privatizing the Apocalypse: How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax Dollars - TomDispatch ...

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Sep 23, 2015

Has the Israel lobby really lost its mojo? Josh Ruebner, Electronic Intifada ...

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Sep 23, 2015

Iran Deal May Redefine The Middle East - Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism ...

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War on Terror/Civil Liberties/Drones

Aug 28, 2015

Pentagon’s New “Law of War” Manual “Reduces Us to the Level of Nazis” - Washington Post ...

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Violence At Home

Aug 27, 2015

The Counted: people killed by police in the US this year - The Guardian ...

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Environment and Violence

Jun 4, 2015

Here Are the Navy’s Plans to Bomb the Arctic - Dahr Jamail, The Nation ...

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Foreign Policy

Jun 4, 2015

China's New Islands: Dueling Imperialisms and Military Escalation in East Asia - Toward Freedom ...

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MIddle East

May 6, 2015

Human Rights Watch: Saudi-Led Coalition Bombing Yemen With Banned US-Made Cluster Munitions - Amy Goodman, Truthout ...

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Armed Forces-Veterans

May 4, 2015

The Tragedy of the American Military - James Fallows, The Atlantic ...

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Apr 19, 2015

In pictures: Nicaraguan farmers resist Grand Canal, the world's largest construction project - Nehemiah Stark, The Guardian ...

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Mar 23, 2015

Time has come for "new realism" in Russia-US relations - Jonathan Granoff, Global Security Institute ...

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Afghanistan / Pakistan

Feb 18, 2015

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rise by 22 per cent in 2014 - United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan ...

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Nuclear Weapons

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Privatizing the Apocalypse: How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax Dollars - TomDispatch

Why is Israel’s nuclear arsenal not mentioned in Iran deal debate? McClatchyDC

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Mark 70th anniversary of Hiroshima's destruction by abolishing nuclear weapons - Nina McLellan,

Restored Anti-Nuke Sailboat Launches Again on a Peace Mission - National Geographic

Obama Administration Sabotages Nuclear Nonproliferation Conference - Joseph Gerson, Truthout

U.N. nuclear conference collapses over WMD-free zone in the Middle East - Washington Post

US Vaporized Marshall Islands, Performed Human Experimentation on Natives in 1950's -

On Eve of Non-Proliferation Conference, 'Clarion Call' for Nuke-Free World - Common Dreams

47 Years Since His Death, MLK's Call to Honor Peace, Justice and Our Planet Still Challenges Us - Jacqueline Cabasso, Joseph Gerson and Kevin Martin, Truthout

US helped Israel with H-bomb - 1987 report declassified - RT

US to Spend $1 Trillion on Nukes - The Diplomat

South Pacific islands prepare to sue French government for $1 Billion over nuclear tests - The Independent

Close the door on nuclear dangers with Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - Ambassador Kairat Umarov, Daryl G. Kimball and Paul F. Walker, The Hill's Congress Blog

Marshall Islands files opposition to US motion to dismiss Nuclear Zero lawsuit - Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

G-7 Urges Treaty Ending Nuclear Testing - Yahoo! Voices

Marshall Islands, former U.S. test site, sues nuclear nations for disarmament failure - Reuters

Report on Nuclear Abolition International Meetings in Mexico - Peace Blog

Iran and the global nuclear picture - William Fickinger,

Pentagon to boost missile defense spending by over $4 billion - Reuters

Analysts: $1 Trillion U.S. Nuclear-Weapons Plan Too Costly To Implement - Global Security Newswire

Israel’s nuclear precedent - Boston Globe

The Secret History of America's Nuclear Arsenal - an interview with Eric Schlosser - rsn

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons is Just as Important as Eliminating Chemical Weapons - Lawrence Wittner, History News Network

Letting Go of Our Nukes - Lawrence Krauss, NY Times

Obama's (too) modest nuclear agenda - NY Times

Obama Throwing Money at Nukes is Nonsensical - NY Times

Missile Defense Obstructs Nuclear Forces Cuts - Johnson's Russia List

Obama Proposes Shifting Funds from Nuclear Non-Proliferation to
Nuclear Weapons - Nation of Change

Egypt pulls out of talks to protest Middle East nuclear arms - Reuters

B-2 Stealth Bomber To Carry New Nuclear Cruise Missile - Federation of American Scientists Blog

A Modest Proposal to House Republicans: Cut the Nuclear Weapons Budget - History News Network

Former Secretary of State Shultz Reiterates Support for CTBT - Arms Control Now

US leadership needed to prevent nuclear testing by North Korea - Christian Science Monitor

Obama administration embraces major new nuclear weapons cut - Center for Public Integrity

How many nukes does it take to be safe? Walter Pincus, Washington Post

Pentagon Cries Poor, Starts $10 Billion Nuclear Weapon Upgrade - Wired

Congress terminates new nuclear weapons plant in Los Alamos NM - FCNL

Exploding Costs - Washington Post

Non-violent activists shut down Oak Ridge nuclear weapons facility -

13 Minutes to Doomsday: take nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert - Washington Post

Nuclear weapons just don’t make sense - Pincus: Washington Post

Small nuclear war would inflict global woes - Washington Times

Senate should lead by example and ratify Test Ban Treaty - Roll Call

Scientists Say No Need for Nuclear Tests, Boosting Obama - Bloomberg

Obama Administration Renews Case for Nuclear Test Ban Treaty - Defense News

Obama Administration Weighing Steep Cuts To Nuclear Force - Huffington Post

Doing right by nuclear testing's "downwinders" - Salt Lake Tribune

Doomsday Clock moves to five minutes to midnight - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

No Need for All These Nukes - Taubman, NY Times

Time to ratify nuclear test ban treaty - Steven A. Cheney, CNN

Further U.S. Nuclear Tests Highly Unlikely: Former NNSA Chief - Global Security Newswire

Target nuclear weapons budget: Lawrence Korb - Plain Dealer

The Bloated Nuclear Weapons Budget - NY Times

A Farewell to Nuclear Arms - Mikhail Gorbachev, Project Syndicate

Spend $700 Billion to upgrade nuclear arsenal or downsize? - John Issacs, Council for a Livable World

US should ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - Augusta Free Press

Activists seek to block privately owned nuclear weapons plant in Kansas City - Mother Jones

City Council moves to nix referendum on weapons plant - Kansas City Star

Zoning Out Nukes in the Middle East - Kevin Martin, Foreign Policy in Focus

Obama Administration Readying to Make Case for Test Ban Treaty - Global Security Newswire

Catholic workers protest new nuclear weapons plant in Kansas City - National Catholic Worker

Terrorism Alert: Republicans want to slash non-proliferation budget - The Hill

Top Republican Kyl Remains Opposed to Nuclear Test Ban - Global Security Newswire

Obama administration reviewing ways to shrink nuclear arsenal, drawing Republican ire - Washington Post

Obama administration embarks on preparatory work on CTBT - RealClearPolitics

Senate’s Next Task: Ratifying the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty - Mikhail Gorbachev, NY Times

The Nuclear Freeze and Its Impact - Arms Control Today

Missile defense looms over START ratification - Washington Post

Stop playing politics and ratify the New START treaty - USA Today

Obama should work with the Russians to implement some unratified START provisions - Ronald Powaski, Plain Dealer

Farewell to the Age of the Treaty - James P. Rubin, NY Times

We can't delay the START Treaty - Secs. Clinton and Gates, Washington Post

White House Moves to Break Impasse on START Treaty - NY Times

Conservative Leaders Oppose START Treaty - The American Spectator

Ratify New START Treaty - Air Force Magazine

Shultz, Albright, Hart, Hagel: It's time for the Senate to vote on New START - Washington Post

Senate must OK US-Russia pact on nuclear arms - Arizona Republic

Time for the Nuclear Test Ban - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Obama spending billions on nuclear weapons but opponents say it's not enough. Will they ever be satisfied? - Foreign Policy

START ratification within reach, if Democrats and Republicans can trust each other - Washington Post

White House Presses Republicans on START Treaty - NY Times/Int'l Herald Tribune

The new START treaty deserves to be ratified - Jacob Heilbrunn, LA Times

Nuclear treaty debate expands outside the Beltway, goes partisan - The Cable - reporting inside the foreign policy machine

US sacrificed Israel in favor of non-proliferation goals at NPT conference -

Difference of opinion on nuclear weapons: GOP critics vs. the Pentagon -

START Treaty has unanimous support of America's military leadership - Wall Street Journal

25,000 at anti-nuclear march in NYC ignored by American media - read about it in Japanese press

A New Ground Zero, for Global Disarmament - Ban Ki-Moon, International Herald Tribune

Obama's farsighted nuclear strategy - Washington Post

Top Reaganite Backs Obama Nuke Plan - Daily Beast

Understanding the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review - Daily Kos

Did Obama make the right move on nuclear arms? The Hill

START Treaty Will Be A Fight Over The Soul Of The Republican Party - The Wonk Room

Air Force Strategists Say US Should Unilaterally Cut Nukes By 90 Percent - The Wonk Room

Utah House urges ratification of N-test ban treaty - Salt Lake Tribune

START Replacement Agreement possible by April - CNN Politics

White House re-thinking nuclear policy - NY Times

Biden seeks end to all US nukes - Washington Times

The Obama disarmament paradox - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

VP Biden on the President's Nuclear Vision - Wall Street Journal

US National Security Policy And Nuclear Weapons: Perspectives on the Nuclear Posture Review - DailyKos

US, Russia to extend START Treaty - The Hill

US Nukes Agency Pushes New Bomb Production - IPS

UN Security Council Adopts Nuclear Arms Measure - NYTimes

Mushroom Clouds on the Horizon: The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - DailyKos

Disarmament movement lessons from yesteryear - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Senate warns against concessions on nuclear treaty - AP

Russia-US nuclear pact faces slow go - CQPolitics

Obama's Youthful Ideals Shaped the Long Arc of His Nuclear-Free Vision - NYTimes

US and Russia seek more extensive weapons cuts - Wall Street Journal

Guide to Nuclear Weapons Policy and Treaties - Cleveland Peace Action

Russia could give up nuclear arms - BBC

North Korea tests nuclear weapon 'as powerful as Hiroshima bomb' - Guardian

Obama talks of nuclear abolition, budget says otherwise - Truthout

Nuclear talks get first breakthrough in 10 years - Reuters

Obama pledges to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons - LA Times

Learning Not to Love the Bomb - NY Times

1/26/09: Obama's Showdown over Nuclear Weapons - Time

1/12/09: US spends more on nuclear weapons than on risk reduction - LA Times

12/19/08: Obama to Revive Stalled Nuclear Reduction Talks With Russia - CQ Politics

12/3/08: Need cash? Cut nuclear weapons budget - Boston Globe

11/14/08: The Cold War's Missing Atom Bombs - Spiegel Online

10/7/08: State Department Arms Control Board Declares Cold War on China - Federation of American Scientists

8/19/08: Are you ready for nuclear war? - former Reagan cabinet member rants - Counterpunch

7/30/08: Israel, Iran and the Bomb: a nuclear-free middle east may be only solution - The Nation

6/30/08: Thinking the Unthinkable: A World Without Nuclear Weapons - NYTimes

6/26/08: House won't fund new nuclear weapons - largest margin ever - FCNL

4/28/08: Anti-Nuke Youth: The Next Generation - Wiretap

2/26/08: Schultz, Others Experts Back Nuclear Disarmament - Global Security Newswire

1/22/08: Pre-emptive nuke strikes weighed -

1/15/08: Kissinger, Schultz, Nunn call for nuclear-free world - Wall Street Journal



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