2020 Board Elections

Officers: One-year term beginning 5/18/22

Mark Weber, President
Dena Magoulias, Treasurer

Meghan Donovan, Secretary

Two-year term beginning 5/18/22

*Mark Alvarado

*Jabir Asa

Don Bryant

Chantal Dothey

Elizabeth Kravanya

*Terry Lodge

Faten Odeh

Thomas Sodders

Mark Weber

Two-year term beginning 5/14/21 (no vote necessary)

Francis Chiappa

Meghan Donovan
Dena Magoulias 

Mary Ober

Stephanie Riccobene

*Indicates new board member

New Board Member Candidates

Marc Alvarado

Jabir Asa was born in Akron, Ohio in 1991. Their family migrated to Akron from Pinola, Mississippi in the 1960s. They attended high school in both Mississippi and Ohio and after initial struggles, eventually completed high school at the age of 21 in 2012.

Jabir first got most actively involved in politics through the 2015-2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. They actively canvassed online and offline for his election. Once Sanders dropped out, Jabir moved to Portland and worked for Greenpeace USA as a frontline activist. Life eventually brought Jabir back to Ohio, and there they joined the Party for Socialism and Liberation in 2020, before leaving a year later for the All African People’s Revolutionary Party.

During the height of the pandemic, Jabir started an online political education platform called Bread Theory, where people would read and discuss theory together. It grew to be over 800 people.  During this time, Jabir used their considerable online presence to get people organizing in their own communities, and eventually joined the Huey P. Newton Gun Club Alpha Company – Cleveland, becoming their social media minister.

Terry Lodge of the Toledo area has opposed every U.S. war beginning with Vietnam. As a civil and environmental rights lawyer for 43 years, he’s opposed nuclear power and weapons, corporate welfare, mountaintop removal mining and fracking, and has tested the right to free speech and protest for antiwar demonstrators and civil disobeyers opposed to prevailing energy policies. Lodge is a field attorney for CELDF, the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, and has pursued ballot access for legal initiatives on the rights of nature and public control of the commons. He was a co-founder of the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition in September 2001. He received the Judy Johnsrud Unsung Heroes award from the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability in 2018 and was recognized as an Ohio Civil Liberties Union Champion in 2006.

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