Join us July 12 for Last Minute Updates on RNC Actions.  Jocelyn Rosnick of the National Lawyers Guild, will discuss what to expect at the RNC, understanding basic protestor rights, interaction with law enforcement and other RNC specific concerns. 

Free and open to the public. Tuesday, July 12th @ 7 pm. Pilgrim Church, 2592 W.14th... more


Peace Action & Vets for Peace at Hessler Street Fair

Cleveland Peace Action, National Lawyers Guild and other activist groups call for transparency in security plans for the Republican National Convention in July 2016.  What is $50 million in Federal funds buying. Jacqueline Greene, Esq. of NLG speaks at press conference at Cleveland City Hall, March 21.  photo - Walt Nicholes

View WKYC News report for more

Move the Money:

Fund Our Communities, Not War


View Peace Action's slideshow and find out where your tax dollars go


F-35 - The Jet that Ate the Pentagon

View short film on this absurd waste of taxpayer dollars - from Brave New Films

How much do you know about nuclear weapons and power?  Download Dr. Bill Fickinger's Nuclear Q & A