Peace Action & Vets for Peace at Hessler Street Fair

President Obama will visit Hiroshima next month. Cleveland Peace Action calls on the President to  re-affirm his commitment to the abolition of nuclear weapons. These actions would prove it:

  • Cancel the Long Range Stand Off nuclear cruise missile (LRSO) along with most of the 1 $Trillion the  US plans to spend to upgrade weapons and delivery systems.

  • Take nukes off "hair trigger alert" which increases risk of accidental launch.

Contact the White House online or call 202-456-1111


Cleveland Peace Action, National Lawyers Guild and other activist groups call for transparency in security plans for the Republican National Convention in July 2016.  What is $50 million in Federal funds buying. Jacqueline Greene, Esq. of NLG speaks at press conference at Cleveland City Hall, March 21.  photo - Walt Nicholes

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Move the Money:

Fund Our Communities, Not War


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F-35 - The Jet that Ate the Pentagon

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