Cleveland Peace Action Policy on Middle East Peace 
August 18, 2014

Cleveland Peace Action promotes sustainable peace with justice in Israel/Palestine by supporting:

  • Peacemakers in both communities;
  • An end to violence by all parties and ceasefire by both sides;
  • An end to U.S. military aid to the Israeli government and other human rights abusing Middle East regimes, as long as they are not in compliance with international law.
  • An end to the siege of Gaza and the occupation of West Bank and recognition by all parties of their right to exist;
  • The boycott of products produced in Israeli settlements and divestment from companies that benefit from the occupation/siege of Palestinian territories.
  • Israel and all Palestinian factions to directly negotiate a long-term peace agreement that would allow all sides to prosper.

Americans for Peace Now presents "Facts on the Ground," an interactive map of Israeli settlements in the West Bank - map


How We Can Solve The Palestinian Israeli Problem - view documentary film

Palestinian youth assert right of return with direct action - Electronic Intifada


Jewish Perspectives on Israel-Palestine SituationPanel discussion, Dec. 14,  in Beachwood featured Debra Hirshberg, Michael Greenberg, Cynthia Dettelback (Moderator), Brian Amkraut and Martin Plax - details in upcoming Peace Action Newsletter (January 2009) and in Cleveland Jewish News

Another Perspective: What Do Palestinians Think? Although the December 14 program did not include Palestinian or Arab perspectives, Brit Tzedek v’Shalom recently posted a very interesting interview with Amjad Atallah, Co-Director of the Middle East Task Force of the New America Foundation, which addresses many potential Israeli or Jewish concerns about what most Palestinians think about a future possible resolution of the conflict with Israel. Read interview here

How difficult is it to write a balanced narrative about the Israel-Palestine conflict?  Read Ethan Bronner in NY Times, on "The Bullets in My In-Box"


Electronic Intifada presents Palestinian perspectives