Move the Money


Are we spending too much on the military and not enough on community needs? 


Activists who agree,  join our Move the Money Action Group.  Organizations may join the Fund Our Communities Coalition.


We are working to support the Progressive Caucus' "People's Budget"  We are also reaching out to people with the facts about where our tax dollars go and how local needs can be met by reducing what we spend on war. Check out our 2015-16 action plan and Peace Action's recommendations for military spending cuts.


We'd love to present the case to any group, large or small. Find a quick summary of the problem in this three minute video  - "Tax Dollars at War"


For more information about Move the Money/Fund Our Communities, contact Nina McLellan or  Lynne Rustad

Move the Money-Fund Our Communities Campaign Plan     7-23-15 draft

 Goal 1:  
Maximize the chances that our NEO delegation will vote  for  the People’s Budget in 2016 
1. Rep. Tim Ryan will change his vote to “Aye” for the People’s Budget;
2. Reps. Fudge and Kaptur will continue to support the People’s Budget and take a leadership role.
3. Open dialogue with Republican representatives Joyce and Renacci. 
1. Identify and work with at least 5 allies in 13th district to influence Rep. Ryan.
2.  Approach Reps. Fudge and Kaptur’s staff to obtain public commitment to People’s Budget and speak at Town Hall forums.  (Timing: start of new fiscal year, Oct. 1, 2015.)
3. Obtain meetings with Joyce and Renacci or their staff.

Goal 2:  
Increase public pressure for federal funding to meet local needs through reduced  military spending (and fair taxation).
1.  Fund our Communities (FOC) Coalition member organizations will contribute ideas and help as possible (by raising awareness of impact of military spending, distributing the MTM flyers, MTM email alerts, scheduling the MTM presentation, activate members to call Congress). 
2.  At least 5 additional organizations will join the FOC Coalition.
3.  Local activists and key constituencies will distribute MTM literature and schedule MTM presentations (e.g.environmental, police issue, students, unions, congregations, Democratic / Republican clubs) 
1.  Produce literature and flyers on People’s Budget / military spending.
2.  Distribute flyers at events and meetings
3.  Contact Fund Our Communities Coalition members for Coalition meeting (Wed. Sept. 9) and/or other opportunities to explore their ideas and help. 
4.  Identify and contact activists and organizations for possible FOC Coalition membership, MTM literature distribution, MTM presentations.