Our mission: Stopping violence, war and terrorism, through peaceful, just and democratic means

Cleveland Peace Action is a convergence of people committed to ending violence and promoting justice, through education, advocacy and action. Our current priorities include:

  • Ending wars and U.S. military interventions, replacing them with engagement and diplomacy, in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Iran.
  • Cutting Pentagon spending and redirecting those funds for human needs, such as education, housing, transportation and health care.
  • Peace with justice for all, in the Middle East and in particular, an end to the oppression of Palestinians.
  • Reducing and ultimately abolishing nuclear weapons worldwide.
  • Partnering with local groups to end violence and injustice in our communities.
  • Working for environmental justice and addressing global climate change.

We welcome you to join with us and work towards these goals.

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National Peace Action

Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace network with chapters and affiliates in states across the country.

Formerly known as SANE/FREEZE, the organization was formed in 1987 by the merger of the Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign. SANE was born in 1957, out of concerns about the nuclear arms race, the grave risk of nuclear war, and a call to end nuclear weapons testing. The Nuclear Freeze Campaign emerged in 1981, as these concerns became paramount, with 80% of Americans supporting its proposal for a bi-lateral US-USSR freeze on the testing, production and deployment of nuclear weapons. The first SANE/FREEZE National Congress was held in Cleveland in 1987. Following the end of the Cold War, we changed our name to Peace Action, to underscore the risks of a militarized foreign policy and runaway military spending, as well as the dangers of nuclear weapons.

For over 60 years, Peace Action has worked for an environment where all are free from violence and war. We understand that long-standing global conflicts require long-term solutions and that US foreign policy has a lasting effect on the world. We are working to promote a new U.S. foreign policy that is based on peaceful support for human rights and democracy, eliminating the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and cooperation with the world community. We organize against pre-emptive wars, and advocate for the withdrawal of American troops and contractors from the endless wars across the Middle East.

Peace Action is part of two major national coalitions: United for Peace and Justice and Win Without War. It works closely with members of Congress.

Cleveland Peace Action

Cleveland Peace Action is a chapter of national Peace Action. Cleveland Peace Action began as the Greater Cleveland Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign in 1981. We support the goals of national Peace Action. As a 501(c)4 organization we also advocate our own positions and policies, especially those with local relevance and interest.

Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund

Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. The Education Fund provides support for educational programs within Cleveland Peace Action. Donations to Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter, to document the gift for tax purposes.

Donors to Cleveland Peace Action or Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund are considered members of our local chapter as well as the national Peace Action organization.

Officers: One-year term beginning 5/18/22

Don Bryant, President
Dena Magoulias, Treasurer

Doug Horner, Secretary

Two-year term beginning 5/18/22

Mark Alvarado

Don Bryant

Chantal Dothey

Elizabeth Kravanya

Terry Lodge

Thomas Sodders

Mark Weber

Two-year term beginning 4/26/23

Francis Chiappa

Ric Doringo

Doug Horner
Dena Magoulias 

Mary Ober

Contact: email us or use this form

Our office and mailing address is 2592 W. 14th St., Suite 109,  Cleveland, OH 44113.