Winter 2024: 2023 in Review; CPA Statement on Ukraine; Peace, Not Apartheid: Community Circle; Dear Senator, Ceasefire Now; Are we morally prepared for nuclear war; A culture of peace; remembering Ruth Tracy; 2023 photo album.

Summer 2023: Golden Rule peace boat visits North Coast Harbor for Hiroshima Day; CPA Annual Meeting report – Ending the Ukraine War: Can there be solidarity within the peace movement; Doug Horner: Am I woke? Do I want to be?; Mary Ober: What’s happening in El Salvador; Eric Macalla’s Rooms To Let art installation, “What is Peace?”

April 2022: Annual Membership Meeting with Greg Coleridge; Israel Lobby expert Walter Hixson; Mazin Qumsiyeh Begins “Recognizing Settler Colonialism” Series; President Biden and Nuclear Weapons; US abets ‘apartheid’ system in Israel; Media coverage of the Russia-Ukraine situation is lacking; Break the grip of oil dependency that helps fuel wars in Ukraine, elsewhere; Rally for Peace In Europe, April 2; Breaking the Silence Reading April 4; Advocacy in Action.

December 2021: War, Peace, and Propaganda: U.S. in the Middle East; U.S. Spending Priorities: Social Investment or Military Waste; “A Bold Peace” tells Costa Rica’s story.

August 2021: HIroshima-Nagasaki 76th Anniversary; Breaking the Silence-Intersectionality in Action; Understanding the Russian Worldview; An Anti-War Playlist; CPA Annual Meeting Features Nina Turner; Free Palestine—From Sheikh Harrah to Gaza; Palestian Film 200 “Meters” at CIFF; New Board Members Ober and Riccobene; End the War Industry; End Bombings and Sanctions in Syria.

December 2020: Election Dissection; Black history, injustice and reparations; police militarization; Israel-Palestine report; Walter Nicholes, 1924-2020; Cleveland Peace Action needs your support.

August 2020: 75th Anniversary observance of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 2020 Annual Membership Meeting – Kevin Zeese, Bill Fickinger, Stewart and Valerie Robinson, new Board members introduced; Nukes in 2020: Getting Worse; Is Congressional support for Israel dwindling?; CPA condemns Israeli annexation plan.

December 2019: Don Bryant’s Trip to Palestine; Bolivia’s Lithium Coup (Mark Weber); Nuclear Updates from Bill Fickinger; Peace@ThePub 2020.

August 2019: Fall program schedule; Rosemary Palmer on Passion Overload; On Homegrown Terrorism; Nukes Update; No Rights/No Aid re Israel; Advocacy Committee Restart; How We’ll Use Your Donations; Pentagon Budget Keeps Growing, Now at $738B.

November 2018: Need your support for 2019; Rosemary Palmer’s election recap; Veterans’ Day: Letters Home, Erasing the Battle Lines; Don Bryant & Mark Weber’s Middle East Commentary; Middle East map; National Peace Action, on nukes and Iran.

April 2018: North Korea at a Crossroads-Annual Meeting Report; Tribute to Nina McLellan; My Enemy, My Brother; Legislative Actions; Deadly Exchange; Palestinian Children Under Fire.

November 2017: Together, Stronger, Join CPA; Talk Don’t Nuke Rally on Public Square; CPA 2017 Highlights; Iran Deal Pros and Cons; No Korea War – talking points and actions steps; Talk Don’t Nuke photos.

August 2017: Hiroshima Day reflections, Chiappa & McLellan; Fickinger letter to PD on banning nukes; PAND concert – It’s a Wonderful World, Don’t Blow It; David Adams poem, Bikini; Upcoming events at MOCA, Labor Day Parade, Our Journey to Palestine.

April 2017: Working for peace in challenging times; Trump’s budget has no heart; Trump, Putin and their nukes; BAN negotiations at UN; Thanks to our supporters; Events; May 20 fundraiser with music by Triage; Middle East Committee report.

December 2016: America Needs Peace Activism More Than Ever! We’re Counting On Your Support; 2016 Highlights and Plans for 2017; Report from our Post-election Meeting; Doomsday Clock 1945; Outlawing nuclear weapons; we offer free talks and discussions on Important Contemporary Issues.

September 2016: Election 2016: We’ll have work to do, no matter who is President; CPA goals in “People’s Platform”; CPA and the RNC — Telling the Truth; CPA Letter to Senator Sherrod Brown on nukes; Iyad Burnat visit; PAND’s Nagasaki Day concert; Peace@ThePub this Fall.

April 2016: Kris Hermes speaks on preparing for RNC protests at CPA Annual Meeting; Annual Meeting Photos; honoring Doug Kerr and Janet Loehr; Move the Money report; Activist plan for the RNC; Ghost Town: the Hebron Story; April Peace @ The Pub – First Peace Ship, the Golden Rule.

December 2015: CPA Working for Peace in 2015; Do you know where your tax dollars go; Peace at the Pub Jan. 12 – Golden Rule Peace Boat Project; US policy invited Behghazi attack; How did the Iran nuclear treaty finally get passed, and what’s next?; Nuclear Timeline – Playing with Fire; Comment on the Paris attacks; Membership lunch meeting report

August 2015: New Ideas, New People, New Actions-Cleveland Peace Action Moving Forward; CPA support for Iran nuclear deal; PAND concert review; 70 Years of Nuclear Weapons: Abolish Them NOW; Nuclear scientists support Iran deal; Cuba in Transition – September Peace at the Pub; National Peace Action’s Kevin Martin on Iran deal

April 2015: Peace and Planet Worldwide Call to Action; Climate Change—the Biggest Threat to Peace; Peace Action National Organizers Meeting; The Naqba – 1948, a story of loss; Federal budget in progress; Thanks to 2014 donors; Our issue for 2015 – we need your involvement; Remembering Polly Silverman; Diane Mather – Volunteer of the Year

December 2014: Show Your Support; Defense Budget-what to cut; ISIS War/Advocacy; CPA Policy on Middle East Peace; Reader response to statement on Gaza; Alice Rothchild gives voice to Palestinian experience; Global nuclear weapons action in April; Peace at the Pub-War! What is it good for?; 1948-A story of loss

September 2014: PAND’s Brahms Not Bombs marks Hiroshima Day; We Reach Out to Ohio Senators Concerning Gaza; CPA statement on Gaza; World issues discussions at Library; 60 years of trying to get rid of nukes; Hawken students join CPAEF for a day of learning; Peace at the Pub series

March 2014: Annual Meeting – Iran & US: Shifting Sands in Foreign Policy; Ukraine – Cool It; Nuclear Production and Weapons Global Perspective; Remembering Roma Foldy; Local effects of reduced military spending; Thanks to 2013 donors; Tax Day Food Drive & Demo

November 2013: Why we need your membership 2013; Fund Our Communities – a call to action; Witness Palestine films; Defense Contractors Capture Congress, Trap Taxpayers; Iran nuclear program

June 2013: Alternatives to Military Recruitment at ML King HS; Jean Athey on Peace Action vs. Lockheed Martin; Syria’s humanitarian disaster; The Revolution of Karamah; National Peace Action position on Syria.

March 2013: Military spending 20% of total Federal budget; Nuclear zero and 75 years of suicidal foolishness; Advocacy update; Peace Studies at ML King HS; Gino Raffaelli In Memoriam; Our material and volunteer wish list; Thanks to 2012 donors; Tax Day Actions April 15.

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December 2012: Syria After Assad: a community conversation; What Cleveland Peace Action’s been doing in 2012; Advocacy: Dear Congress, invest in our people; What you aren’t hearing about spending cuts and job loss; Nuke chat

September 2012: How will we feel on November 7th?; Lakewood July 4th parade; 5 Broken Cameras; Advocacy – visit with Rep. Marcy Kaptur; Remembering Judy Gallo; Middle East Committee Report; Alternatives to Military Recruitment at ML King HS this year; 30th Annual PAND Concert; Syria After Assad?

June 2012: Dealing effectively with Iran without war; Federal budget-a moral choice; coverage of Tax Day protest, Save Our Communities Forum, and Mather-White benefit concert

March 2012: Iran nukes – sanctions, war or diplomacy; Iran nuclear timeline; military vs. domestic spending; Congressional initiatives on Iran opposed by Peace Action; CPA’s New Priorities Campaign; Thanks to 2011 members

December 2011: Mark Braverman speaks on Israel-Palestine, Peace Action members respond; Out of control US military budget; Iran nuke evidence ambiguous at best; Perspectives of Three Recent Delegates
to Israel and the Palestinian Territories; We’re the 99% – Dec. 10 No Cuts Rally

September 2011: Cutting military spending to solve budget woes; No on Issue 2 – Repeal SB5; Numbers and tax dollars; AMR benefit events; Mark Braverman Nov. 10; New Priorities Campaign – make it happen in your community

June 2011: Save Our Communities coverage – Forum, street theater, kick-off party; events & volunteer opportunities; summer fundraisers for Alternatives to Military Recruitment; It’s time to work things out between Israel and Palestine

March 2011: Annual Mtg. features Rev. Tracey Lind; Apartheid in Israel; Save Our Communities April 15-16, 2011; Rally for Egyptian self-determination; Victory on New START; reports from Middle East and AMR Committees

November 2010: Future of peace and war; 10 years of Afghan war; Will the Senate stop START; Talking about war; One Nation Working Together; Impact of the election on the peace agenda

September 2010: Ratify START Treaty-Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance; Bring war dollars home-save our communities; Middle East Peace program in Shaker Hts; busy Fall peace calendar

Summer 2010: America still needs a peace movement; Alternatives to Military Recruitment program at JFK HS; Conversation on START; What Cleveland Peace Action is up to; Dialogue in Brooklyn on Middle East peace

March-April 2010: Dennis Kucinich thanks Ohio peace groups-feeling is mutual; Misinformation on Iran could lead to war; breakdown on war dollars vs domestic spending in Federal budget; Disarm Now – May 2 action in NY City; Petition to Obama to abolish nuclear weapons

January-February 2010: Peace Movement – Where We Are, Where We Need To Go; What about nuclear weapons?; US responsibilities in Iraq – letter to Obama; Israel-Palestine dialogue; Kucinich on leaving Afghanistan; A day in the life of the American President