Cleveland Peace Action Urges Congress to Support H.R. 2407

Cleveland Peace Action supports Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) for her reintroduction of House Resolution 2407. HR 2407 forbids U.S. aid to Israel to be used for the jailing and incarceration of Palestinian children in the West Bank, which has been under illegal Israeli military occupation for more than a half-century. Each year between 500 and 1,000 Palestinian children are thrown in jail by Israeli occupation forces. Then they are often subjected to torture and abuse before receiving a “trial” in a military tribunal, usually without legal representation and with court documents in Hebrew, not Arabic. Cleveland Peace Action applauds the example set by Rep. McCollum who has put her values of democracy, tolerance, and equal rights for all into practice with the reintroduction of this important bill. Cleveland Peace Action urges Cleveland Area voters to contact their U.S. Representatives and ask them to support HR 2407 by becoming a co-sponsor.

This action coincides with our No Rights/No Aid campaign urging Congress to restrict military aid to Israel until the rights of Palestinians are equal to the rights of Israeli Jews.

 For further information, please contact Cleveland Peace Action at [email protected] or 216-205.1427.

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