Always a Cleveland welcome to visitors

Whenever possible, I try to mention something in common with baseball or football fans visiting from out of town to play the Indians or Browns. This weekend the Milwaukee Brewers are in Cleveland to play the Indians and last night, while promoting peace (along with civility, tolerance, mutual respect and compassion–human qualities which have eroded over the past several years) I mentioned to a few folks wearing Brewers gear that my wife graduated from Marquette University. One visitor said, “good school” and I said, “You can’t beat a Jesuit education.”      

One man said, as he walked by, “Thank you for your service,” then indicated his displeasure with the peace symbol on the flag’s navy-blue field in lieu of stars.  I said to him, “The stars are in hiding. They are ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted with all the death, destruction, instability and chaos we have caused in the Middle East. Millions of refugees, and it all started with the United States government.” The gentleman and the few companions with him listened attentively but had no response. I like to think I gave them something to ponder as they walked away.

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