Join the Northeast Ohio Coalition for Peace in Ukraine (NOCPU)

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We are mobilizing in Northeast Ohio to join the National “Rage Against the War Machine” Rally in Washington D.C. February 19, 2023. Add your voice to the growing numbers of people calling for an end to the continual march to global war and destruction. 

Are you disgusted with our government throwing our hard-earned tax dollars at wars across the globe? Do you see the folly of expanding NATO? Are you sick and tired of hearing about war casualties – human beings dying in war? Must our climate be further destroyed by war? We must add our voice to demand, “No More Wars,” if we want to end the insane and endless war machine that consumes life and capital and makes us all cannon fodder.

We are organizing vans out of NE Ohio to add our voices to the ever-increasing volume of people calling for an end to the continual march to global war, and economic and climate disaster.

  • Do you plan to travel with NOCPU on a bus, van, or carpool, to the DC rally? Reserve a seat today.
  • Do you want to help organize a local solidarity rally in Greater Cleveland?
  • Please send your response to Don at [email protected] or call 216-255-1576

Endorsed by Cleveland Peace Action

Our organizing team – We are peace & justice activists from Greater Cleveland and Canton, Ohio. Collectively, since1986, we have organized anti-war and social justice delegations to Columbus, OH; Washington D.C.; NYC; the Nevada Nuclear Test Site; & Gaza, Palestine. Collectively, we have organized and supported hundreds of actions for Black lives, immigrant rights, LGBTQ equality, the Palestinian struggle, and the abolition of war, poverty, government
surveillance, and police violence.

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