Annual Membership Meeting 2023

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Ending the Ukraine War: Can There Be Solidarity Within the Peace Movement?

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Recorded Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

A conversation with CPA Board Members Terry Lodge and Mark Weber, and the audience. Moderator: Francis Chiappa

Terry Lodge is a longtime environmental and civil rights lawyer in Toledo, Ohio who co-founded the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition in Toledo a few days after September 11, 2001. He and NWOPC have actively opposed every U.S. war and proxy war involvement since. 

Mark Weber is the outgoing president of Cleveland Peace Action. He is a retired librarian and has done human rights work in Colombia and Palestine.

For results of annual election of board members and officers for Cleveland Peace Action and Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund, see below

Officers: One-year term beginning 4/26/23

Don Bryant, President

Dena Magoulias, Treasurer

Doug Horner, Secretary

Two-year term beginning 4/26/23

Francis Chiappa

*Ric Doringo

*Doug Horner

Dena Magoulias 

Mary Ober

Stephanie Riccobene

*Indicates new board member – see bios below

Two-year term beginning 5/18/22 (no vote necessary)

Mark Alvarado

Jabir Asa

Don Bryant

Chantal Dothey

Elizabeth Kravanya

Terry Lodge

Thomas Sodders

Mark Weber

New Board Members

Ric Doringo

Ric Doringo is an educator in Northeast Ohio where he teaches history, economics and human rights. Ric has been active in Northeast Ohio politics with the Cleveland Chapter of the Labor Party and the Lake County Democratic Central Committee. Besides Cleveland Peace Action, Ric is currently a volunteer with Sierra Club Ohio’s Environment and Social Justice committee and is a member of World Beyond War. He resides in Willoughby with his wife, Ann. 

Doug Horner
I grew up in a couple of different places. My dad was a Republican and my mom a progressive Dem. Dad and all my uncles were WW2 /Korean war vets. Aunts were more conservative then uncles. My mom could definitely hold her own – plenty of heated discussions. Ages 17-21 – I was a US Marine. Jimmy Carter was President – Commander in Chief. Discharged honorably in 1982.  I have been trying to unlearn most of the mind-bending ever since. I read a book by USMC General Smedley Butler was right:  War is A Raquet!

In college in the 80’s I read and unpacked many theologians and philosophers, especially Dr. ML King, also William Sloane Coffin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Started recovering from violent tendencies. I believe there is (usually) a third way, not just fight or flight. Have been in personal counseling a few times to unpack my head and heart. Graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1990. Married Kathleen Hallissey in 92. First daughter born in 95 (She’s graduating this year from Union Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree). Second daughter born in 2000 (She’s graduating from Drew University this year with a major in Psychology, minor in Chemistry). Currently participate in Contemplative Prayer groups, Bible Study groups, Catholic Worker activities, Radical Hospitality for the Homeless, the Father Richard Rohr’s Men’s network called “Illuman.” I am a retired UCC pastor. I still preach a couple of times a month. Taking a writing class, learning how to become a more prolific writer of things that people will actually read.

In the 90’s I studied Aikido. Trained with Japanese Sensi named Ueshiba. Warriors in peace time need to learn new defenses – instead of killing or maiming, subdue an aggressor by changing the energy of attacks. Became a youth pastor and mentor. Attended many Peace rallies on the National Mall in Washington, DC, downtown Providence, Rhode Island and Public Square in Cleveland. Also advocate for Immigration reform, helping the homeless and less fortunate, teaching peace to young people and finding ways to create interfaith dialogue and events.

Currently, I am a member of Lakewood Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, an Open & Affirming congregation. Motto: Wherever you are on life’s journey, we welcome you and all people of every sexual orientation, age, ability, gender identity and expression, and ethnic, economic, and racial background into the full life and ministry of our church. We declare this in the everlasting grace of the Still-Speaking God. 

I oppose all war. 

I have traveled extensively throughout the country, Canada, Mexico and many parts of the world. I was a seminarian when I traveled to Nicaragua with the UCC Justice and Peace Witness ministries that wanted: “US Interests Out of Central America.”  I have extensive training (and have trained trainers) in Non-Violent Communication, Mediation, Creative Responses to Conflict, Creating a Culture of Peace and World Beyond War. I and a member of Veterans for Peace, Cleveland Non Violence Network, and other Non-violent Direct Action movements in the Cleveland area.  I opposed both Iraq War build-ups and invasions. My brother went to Iraq, was killed fighting for his country in the US Army. Also opposed war in Afghanistan. I oppose the War in Ukraine, which is about who has the power and control of oil, gas and natural resources that light the world. It seems so simple to follow the money – and say:  “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” . . . if it wasn’t for capitalist interests of the few, the rich and connected, I would think that we have a great country . . . but I am not cynical. We do have a great country – democracy is an experiment. We, the people, can take control of the system if we really want to keep making it better. There are glimpses . . . we see progress, for example, the hope that came along with what we thought was a progressive Obama Administration. We still have AOC and the Squad and Bernie Sanders. Turns out Biden is more progressive than Obama ever was. They need our help. Mayor Bibb in Cleveland needs our help. Alas, that’s why organizations like Peace Action are so important. Keep the public’s feet to the fire so that they pummel their politicians to stop stuffing money in their pockets and do the right thing

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