July 27, 2020

Cleveland Peace Action, in the following statement, condemned plans by Israel to annex a significant portion of the West Bank:

Cleveland Peace Action condemns, without reservation, the plan, announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to annex up to one-third of the West Bank to become part of the Israeli state. This land that Israel would seize is the fertile Jordan River Valley which produces about 60% of Palestine’s agricultural food supply. This is because crops grown in the Jordan Valley have ready access to water. Thus, many fruits and vegetables are grown in the Valley throughout the year.

The goal of this annexation plan is the displacement and ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinian farmers in favor of more and more colonies (illegal settlements) of Israeli settlers. The end result of this brutal policy of annexation will be the further impoverishment and oppression of the Palestinian Arab population of the West Bank. Without a genuine political voice, these people will be forced to live on an ever-shrinking scrap of land with out either political rights or economic self-sufficiency.

Stop the annexation. Stop it now!

Contact: Mark Weber, 216-870-1594  

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