Cleveland Peace Action condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which continues to indiscriminately kill civilians as well as destroy vital infrastructure. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all forces in Ukraine and negotiations to resolve disagreements between the two nations.

Serious and continuous diplomatic talks by all parties are the only means by which to end the stalemate in Ukraine. The war has taken a horrific toll on the lives of the Ukrainian people and the infrastructure of their country. Besides the military casualties, there have been tens of thousands of civilian deaths and over six million refugees have fled the country. We call on the United States and the international community to help with humanitarian aid to and the rebuilding of all of Ukraine as its citizens see fit.

We condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russian imperialism throughout the region. Russia’s invasion is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter as an act of aggression. We also condemn the brutality of the war waged by Russia and the crimes against humanity going back to 2014, now being investigated by the International Criminal Court. The international community should respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders and demand that Russia remove its troops from all of Ukrainian territory.

We condemn the continuing role of the United States in destabilizing the region. We condemn the expansion of NATO which has only worked to increase tensions among nations. We condemn the U. S. current position in continuing to supply endless amounts of military aid to Ukraine, including the recent $61 billion package, helping to drag out the conflict with no clear accompanying diplomatic strategy. We further condemn the United States own imperial economic strategies in Ukraine which have not benefited the majority of the country’s people. We urge President Biden and Congress to begin negotiations with Ukraine and Russia to implement a ceasefire and initiate plans to end the war.

Lastly, Cleveland Peace Action stands in solidarity with all parties everywhere working to end the war in Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people who want to see an end to their suffering and the destruction of their country. We stand with our fellow Russian antiwar activists who are now subject to retribution and imprisonment for their peace advocacy and opposition to this war. We encourage all neutral countries to intervene in the conflict on behalf of peace and justice.

Cleveland Peace Action demands our government take the following steps toward reducing tensions and ending this war:

  • Begin serious and continuous diplomacy to initiate a ceasefire and end the war
  • Reject calls to enforce a No-Fly-Zone
  • Pledge No First Use of nuclear weapons
  • No US warplanes to Ukraine
  • End efforts to include Ukraine in NATO
  • Reject any additional funding for the Pentagon without serious diplomacy to end the fighting
  • Dial down inflammatory statements about Putin and Russia and focus on strategies for peace
  • Funds for humanitarian assistance and the rebuilding of Ukraine according to the will of its people

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