Live from Palestine with Sam Bahour

Cleveland Peace Action and Jewish Voice for Peace invite you to join us for Another Israeli Annexation (Version 2020), a stimulating and interactive presentation with Sam Bahour (Originally from Youngstown, Ohio) on Zoom, Wednesday August 12th at Noon, on Zoom. Click here to attend

On location in Al-Bireh/Ramallah, Sam Bahour, prominent journalist, diplomat, businessman, and editor will describe the current situation in Occupied Palestine under Israel’s announced illegal annexation plan to continue ethnic cleansing and Crimes Against Humanity. The Israeli plan isto “annex up to one-third of the West Bank to become part of the Israeli state. This land is the fertile Jordan River Valley which produces about 60% of Palestine’s agricultural food supply…The end result of this brutal policy of annexation will be the further impoverishment and oppression of the Palestinian Arab population of the West Bank…” Read CPA’s blog post on this.

See Sam Bahour’s bio, recent work, Common Dreams article, and blog.

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