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Tuesday, October 13th

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Black History, Injustice, and the Need for Reparations, with Dave Patterson, author of The First 400: The color of profit, persecution, and perseverance

Police Militarization, with Gary Daniels, chief lobbyist of the ACLU of Ohio

David Patterson is a former Local Union President, and former President of the Carl Stokes Brigade. He is a member of the Committee Advocating Foreclosure Exposure and currently a member of ACLU of Ohio Action team covering Bail Reform. He is a longtime Christian community civil and human rights activist, column writer, researcher, and author.

Throughout his longtime Community service David has endeavored to facilitate change in many areas including but not limited to, police brutality, unjustifiable homicide, fraudulent foreclosure,worker rights, job safety, environmental hazards, and health and human rights, to name a few. 

In understanding the need for equality he engaged with other activists in the successful fight to end Cleveland’s disparate red light camera debacle, and continues to strive to educate the public on the overwhelming need to vote suitability as opposed to name recognition. Born and raised in Cleveland and married to his wife Marva of 28 years, they share two loving and talented children, Christina and Emanuel.  

Gary Daniels is the chief lobbyist of the ACLU of Ohio and works in the ACLU of Ohio regional office in Columbus, where he has lived since February 2008. Gary has worked for the ACLU of Ohio for nearly 20 years, from 1995-2000 and 2003-present. Before becoming chief lobbyist, he worked for the ACLU of Ohio in the positions of associate director, litigation coordinator, and legal assistant.

Gary works with local and statewide elected and government officials to further the ACLU’s mission. He is a frequent commentator on civil liberties issues in local, statewide and national media.

During the time he lived in New York City, Gary was the Cuba Travel Project coordinator for the Center for Constitutional Rights and later the media affairs coordinator for the National Coalition Against Censorship. He currently serves on the boards of the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education. Gary is also a two-time past board member for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.

A 1994 graduate of Kent State University, Gary graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is originally from Youngstown, Ohio. Listen to an oral history interview with Gary conducted in 2012.

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