Nuclear Weapons or Green Economy: It’s Our Choice

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Speaker: Eric Schreiber, MD

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In FY 2021, the National Nuclear Security Administration planned to spend $15.6 billion on maintaining and updating the nuclear arsenal. The Department of Defense also planned to spend an additional $28.9 billion to modernize weapons delivery systems. Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased 47 percent since 1850 and 2020 was the warmest year on record. Dr. Schreiber will discuss how the money spent on weapons could be better spent on the green infrastructure that the country – and world – desperately need.

Eric Schreiber is a retired Diagnostic Radiologist, who practiced at The Cleveland Clinic until July 2014. As a physician, he regards climate change as a major public health hazard. Dr. Schreiber first became aware of global warming as a curiosity during his study of physics and chemistry as an undergraduate student. The serious nature of the problem became more apparent in the 1980’s as a few climate scientists began to sound the alarm that change was occurring far more rapidly than initially anticipated. Dr. Schreiber had the opportunity to train with The Climate Project in 2006. Subsequently, he has given many talks about climate change. In addition to the core presentation, he also speaks on the history of climate science and climate science denial, and about population growth. He is a former adjunct faculty member of The Hiram College Environmental Studies Section where he held a part-time teaching position. He served on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Environmental Council until July 2014. Currently, Dr. Schreiber resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

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