Cleveland Peace Action stands with Sheikh Jarrah Families in Palestine

By Mark Weber

Cleveland Peace Action unequivocally condemns the evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and the accompanying violence by Israeli soldiers, police, and settlers, as well as Israel’s latest bombardment of Gaza. We stand in full solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against apartheid, colonialism, and military occupation; and for equality, human rights, and self-determination.

At least 36 Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and in two other neighborhoods in East Jerusalem are facing abrupt and brutal evictions from their homes as part of Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. In addition, armed Israelis have raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, and Israeli missiles have slammed into civilian neighborhoods in Gaza killing scores of people including children.

These latest attacks in East Jerusalem follow violent attacks in April which were led by racist Zionist gangs shouting “death to the Arabs.” Israeli terrorism against Palestinians is almost always ignored by the Israeli and U.S. governments and is partially funded by right-wing donors in the United States. Cleveland Peace Action demands that the U.S. Government cut off the almost $4 billion in military aid given to Israel annually; the end of the occupation, the right of return for all refugees; and the dismantling of Israeli apartheid.

We stand with Palestinian Arabs in their struggle to retain their land and homes.

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