On Moving Towards Peace in Ukraine

May 9, 2022

Cleveland Peace Action condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which continues to indiscriminately kill civilians as well as destroy vital infrastructure. We condemn Russian imperialism in relation to Ukraine. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all forces in Ukraine and negotiations to resolve disagreements between the two nations.

We stand with the Ukrainian people and with our comrades, Russian antiwar activists who are now subject to retribution and imprisonment for their peace advocacy and opposition to this war.

We also recognize our own government’s role in promoting de-stabilization in the region and escalating tensions with Russia. We demand our government take the following steps toward reducing tensions and ending this war:

  • Reject calls to enforce a No-Fly-Zone
  • Pledge No First Use of nuclear weapons
  • No US warplanes to Ukraine
  • End efforts to include Ukraine in NATO
  • Reject any additional funding for the Pentagon
  • Dial down inflammatory statements about Putin and Russia
  • Funds for humanitarian assistance and the rebuilding of Ukraine

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